Darling Museum Quiz

This Museum Quiz has been compiled with grateful thanks to the Darling Museum, Google, our neighbours and various websites too numerous to name…

Test your General Knowledge of Darling

Where is Darling ?
How long has the Darling Flower Show been running ?
What is the name of South Africa’s leading satirist who lives in Darling
When is Darling’s rainfall season ?
What percentage of Darling residents speak Afrikaans as their first language ?
Who was the Cape Governor who gave his name to the town
What was the Darling Museum building originally ?
No. 5 Pastorie Street called ‘Esher’ was originally built for ?
Where does the Darling Rugby Club play their home games ?
What is Darling Brew famous for ?
What local Wine Farm was named after a Racehorse ?
Is ‘Romulea exima Darling’, the village’s national flower ?
How long is Darling's local beach (at Yzerfontein)
How many shows a year does Evita se Perron host ?
How much does it cost to become a 'Friend of the Museum' and enjoy the benefits
Test your General Knowledge of Darling
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