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Privacy: We’re not evil

We will not give your e-mail address to anybody, ever, unless they carry guns and produce a valid court order. Our Newsletter is sent by a third-party provider (who has the servers and systems to do so quickly and efficiently); the provider is a highly professional company that complies with stringent requirements for privacy and security on the lists that we give to them. Also, we know where they live.

We require you to provide your real name in order to leave comments on the site and interact with other readers.

When you sign up to receive e-mail from us, or to comment on the site, we ask you for certain personal details: your name and/or e-mail address. This information may make it easier for us to reach you or to provide you with new and exciting services. This information is not shared with anyone outside Darling Museum.

Likewise, we use technology such as cookies to improve the quality of website service to you and to optimise the website. These techniques are stock standard and no data gathered is shared.

Other Websites – we may use links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. The information practices of those websites linked to the Site is not covered by this Policy, and we are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third parties operating those websites.

Modifications of our Privacy Policy – we reserve the rights to modify this Policy at any time and will notify you by posting an amendment to the privacy policy on the Site.

Look, unless you wear a tinfoil hat to bed every single night, chances are that we are more paranoid about your privacy than you are, okay?

Source: With the kind permission of the Daily Maverick.

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