Darling Village Historical Walk

Darling Village has many historically interesting buildings and, walking through its streets, one comes across many of these gems. For example, did you know that the current siting of Ormonde Wine Estate was originally Langfontein.

The current stately farm house was built in 1908 by Pieter van Breda of Geelbek and remained in the family until 1937. It was operated as a race horse stud and was renamed “Ormonde” in honour of a champion Van Breda racehorse. And, the elegant church situated at the top of Long Street was originally a Mission Church. Prior to its inauguration on 29th July 1928, the coloured community worshipped at the Dutch Reformed Church. It continued to be used until the time of the forced removals of the apartheid era when the congregation resettled in Darling North. It is now privately owned.


mission church

The Museum has compiled an informative brochure pinpointing the older buildings in Darling with a short snippet of their respective history. It is a lovely relaxed and interesting walk. These brochures are available at the Museum.

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