Oh shudder, ‘tis the season for AGMs

Round about this time of year, every year, there are AGMs for societies, clubs, groups and, and… They are obviously an essential part of the organisation in terms of their constitution to present the Chair’s report, the financial report and to address any matters arising.

Achieving a balance between covering the business at hand and the social events takes skill and awareness. Few want to sit through long winded presentations, they want the overall picture of the health of the organisation and then the social side of the event.

Last night at the Darling Museum AGM the balance was perfect. One might say that my judgement is clouded in view of personal relationship but not so, I have heard the same sentiment from others who were present.

The business end to the evening was done and dusted in exactly 30 minutes and then the more social side of the evening kicked in where Friends of the Museum could chat and enjoy themselves in a convivial atmosphere of the Butter Museum which was set up like a casual café with 4 seater tables, colourful table cloths, sensibly sized wine gasses, all rather Gallic.

First there was a wine tasting of 5 wines with the guests being required to answer the Wine Estate and the grape thus there were 10 questions. One dork chirped from the floor when the answers were being read out that a certain wine was not an estate wine, he was roundly booed. When the scores were tallied up it turned out he had just 1 out of 10 answers correct, the worst score of the evening, ooops.

The winners of the two competition sections were presented with their prizes, wines supplied by Charles Withington of the Darling Wine Shop, Darling Cellars and Jane Wallace of Jacaranda House, a big thank you to you both.

After the wines came the food provided by members of the committee. The Chair provided 2 dishes that were regulars on the Cooking Bear menu in days gone by, Anne and Trevor in Howick you will remember the Chicken Liver pâté topped with Port Jelly and the 2 cheese terrine served with toasted pita bread.

All the guests had a very enjoyable evening. It is appropriate that we say a huge thank you to the committee members who are all volunteers, who work tirelessly during the year and then come back for more next year.

BTW – The annual cost of R50 to become a ‘Friend of the Museum’ which entitles you to Free entry, free quarterly electronic newsletter, concessionary price on Museum talks and the annual AGM shindig it has to be the bargain of the year.

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